Fruit Research Association
Altes Land, Registered Association

The Fruit Research Association Altes Land (OVR) is an agricultural advisory network for commercial fruit growing. It was founded in 1929 and is the oldest advisory network of its kind in Germany and the second largest in Europe.
The advisory territory of the OVR encompasses the North German region. The core field of advisory service covers the areas southwest of the glacial valley of the lower Elbe River, stretching from the Altes Land to Kehdingen and Hadeln in the northwest, to the Winsener Elbe Marshlands in the southwest and southward to the sandy heath lands.
The voluntary management board of OVR has aligned itself with professional advisory councils that act as a link between the management board and field practice. OVR members, renowned experts from matching specialized fields and OVR qualified specialists process issues concerning experimental work at the advisory council level. Mr. Jens Stechmann is the chief executive of OVR.