“Knowledge today is a rapid decaying and perishable merchandise.” (Arna Penzias)
This supports the urgent need for fundamental science. Furthermore lifelong learning skills and specialised brilliance are priceless in the process of development, including a flexible and sustainable understanding of the constantly changing para-meters surrounding fruit farming and trade. The Jork School of Fruit Production with its Master class, the Consultant qualification course and the professional training of Technical Agricultural Assistants has developed over many years and solidly established. Gardeners learning to become professionals in fruit farming are trained here. A apprenticeship education program finally results in graduating as a government certified agricultural economist or a specialised Master of Gardening.
To increase a higher understanding and accep-tance within the mind of the general public ESTEBURG renders a large contribution to formal schooling and adult further education. Beside school orientated projects such as “The green classroom” we also offer a wide scope of technical, subject specific seminars directed at all of those with a deeper interest for the fruit growing industry and its science.